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Graphs of Quadratic Functions

This webpage contains a tool that will allow you to graph quadratic functions. As of this time the tool is set for quadratic equations in the form of f(x) = a*x2 + b*x + c. Inputs go into the field at the righthand side of the top of the graph and are in the format a,b,c. To get your graph enter your inputs and then hit the Enter Key on your keyboard. Here are some sample inputs: Sample Inputs

  • f(x) = 2*x2 -3*x + 6 , so a = 2 b = -3 c = 6 -- Input to the tool would be 2, -3, 6
  • f(x) = -3/7*x2 2/3*x - 2 , so a = -3/7 b = 2/3 c = - 2 -- Input to the tool would be -3/7, 2/3,-2
  • f(x) = 2.37*x2 -6.23*x + 2/7 , so a = 2.37 b = -6.23 c = 2/7 -- Input to the tool would be 2.37, - 6.23, 2/7
  • The tool also has a print capability. If you click on the print button at the bottom of the graph it will set up a print file. If you are doing this over the web and have security flags set on your browser you will probably be asked if it is ok for the Applet to print something. If you want the graph you should answer yes.

    To run this applet you must have the Jave plugin installed on your computer