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Calculation of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

The following tools are designed to assist you in the calculation of trigonometric inverses. You can compare the results with your calculator results or use them to help with homework assignments.

Calculation of Trigonometric Inverses

The tool below asks you to input the function name, sin, cos or tan, the angle or value of the trigonometric function. The program will find the value of the first quadrant angle that has the specified sin, cos or tan. In most cases the answer will be very close to your calculators answer but not be exactly the same in the second decimal place.
    Try these sample problems, compare the results to your calculator results.
  1. sin(q) = 0.2795, find q, answer should be 16.23o
  2. cos(q) = 0.9357, find q, answer should be 20.66o
  3. tan(q) = 2.5014, find q, answer should be 68.21o

Trig Inverses
1) Function name
2) Decimal Value of function
Trig Inverse
4) Angle